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One Fine Day

School is really starting to settle in.

With my crummy schedule, I'm going to need to learn how to manage my time effectively (something I'm still not doing now by wasting time online) and I need to wake up real early. I'm no morning person. In fact, I'm not an afternoon or evening person either. But I have to make it to my 7 am or 8:30 am classes everyday and it's just not working for me.

I've met with all of my professors already and this is bound to be a tiring semester.
BC 101
My second major and I know I'm in for some tough work. Nervous does not begin to describe how I feel and my heart pounds in my chest for those three solid hours. I must work my ass off for this subject and it's no joke.
Bio 1
My last MST ever and I might actually have to study for this one. I've been lucky with my MSTs having absolutely no work needed but Bio 1 begs to differ. I've made friends with my seat mate though. Epy, a freshie from Film, makes Bio less boring for me.
Running For Fitness
If only it weren't scheduled so early, I would probably love it more. After finding out that my percentage body fat is 28.5% (1.5% about the "normal" range), I'm hoping I get to run my fat off me. Now to wake up early enough to make it on time.
Comm 140
I love lolo-like professors and I've got one again. This time though, this guy means business. Reading, reading and more reading is needed and unfortunately, reading isn't exactly my greatest strength. Still, his discussions are interesting, so I'll just have to suck it up and read.
Art Stud 2
I hate being late to class, but thanks to my crummy schedule, I'll be late for this one. My prof seemed nice about it and his topics seem really interesting, so this class should be one to actually look forward too.
Anthro 10
According to my favorite Geog classmate, Kara, this subject should be easy to rock because the prof is cool and I really hope she's right. We've got readings to go over already, but I like the subject matter, so I'm hoping I actually get something out of this.
MPs 179
Good luck to me. I've got to create an entire full-length movie script within 1 semester, that my professor actually approves of. To come up with a storyline should already be a challenge. I'm in for a lot of shit.

Why did I even bother enrolling this semester? I'll be surprised if I'm still alive and functioning when summer rolls around. I'd love to start the countdown already, but there's still so much to look forward to other than the summer. I just hope I make it out alive.

This certainly cheered me up. Who knew you could cram 100 hot guys in 1 minute. That is a minute of bliss indeed.
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