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Philippine Idol: Top 6 (Radio Night) LIVE AGAIN!!!

Tonight, everyone was good.

Vocally, we were impressed. Listening from our seats in the balcony, everyone was actually really good. However, there are still those that were better than others (over-all). I thought Mo Twister was a very effective judge. Sure, I did not agree with him on everything (especially his putting down of My Gian), but I salute him for his candor and honesty. To hell with Paula and her blueprint of her life and Mamita's comments on everyone's looks, and Luke Mejares' indecisive generic answers, Mo Twister apparently does not give a shit.

Lucky does not begin to describe how we were that night, but LUCKY is how I'll feel when Gian, Pow and Mau make it after tonight. Who would have thought that would be so much to ask? My Top 3 wowed me tonight.

I’ll even do a dare, if Ken does not get knocked out tomorrow, I’ll wear a dress for a week to work, man!... I don’t have to worry, you are gone tomorrow!
-- DJ Mo Twister
I do NOT want to see Mo Twister in a DRESS tonight

  • Gian Magdangal - Bakit Pa Ba 3
    Being the first performer is no easy feat. And Gian always seems to be first nowadays. This is not working for him. However, what did work for him, is his talent and his undeniable good looks and pure animal appeal to me. It's amazing how my guilty pleasure (Jay-R's song, Bakit Pa Ba) was what dear Jan chose for my Gian, because based on all those "tsimis tabloids" I guess the meaning of the song hits pretty close to home. Gian looked freaking wonderful in his black on black polo, shiny necktie (that I just wanted to yank on so that I could kiss him) and his oh so crisp, and just the right length pants. Seriously. This guy knows how to dress up. And that jacket! Oh that wool brown jacket. If I put it on Ken, I would barf, but on Gian, my Gian, it was heaven (what a Mamita moment. I couldn't help it. Gian makes me like this).

    His song was wow. Being the first, I saw that he was a little nervous before singing. He even covered his face, probably praying or telling himself not to fuck it up. And he so didn't. Gian was amazing. I don't know about the judges, but I thought his vocals were spectacular. He hit every note perfectly. If only Jan didn't remind the judges of his tendency to make piyok on pivotal notes (i.e. Pare Ko's "Le-tseng pag-ibig to" with the piyok part on "LE"), the judges wouldn't even take him up on it. Seriously. Because Jan said it, the judges were suddenly on the look out for ANY flaw they could find, which I personally didn't hear, and believe me, I had my 200% attention on him, down to the grain of the cloth on his jacket.

    I don't know if I'm supposed to say this, but Gian's performance was so orgasmic, I really thought I was de-virginized in that crummy chair (Seat T31 -- just in case anyone asks me where my "first time" was). And that was a pretty long orgasm at that (a good 2 minutes of bliss). This guy, needs to get into a recording studio pronto. And I don't mean to record a CD either, I just like the sound proof booth (if you know what I mean). I don't know how I controlled myself when I asked for a picture and his autograph (THREE TIMES at that), because I swear I was bordering on obsessive freak-fan.

    He was really sweet about it though. He signed my CD jacket outside the theater before the show and we had a picture (dies inside). Then after the show, I just had to get another picture with him, thanks to his "fuck-me suit." So I say, "Hi Gian, it's me again. I know I already had a picture with you outside, but you look so good, I just had to have a picture." Gian actually blushed -- or maybe it was the excessive blush. So we have my picture (with his arm around me, ack!). He asks for my name and I die inside again, as he shakes my hand. I don't know what stopped me from hugging him. Maybe because I want him to hug me first (as if).

    Then I realize, I want his signature on my CD, so after a round of signatures from other Idols, I go back to him and wait for others to get away from him before I become a freak-fan-girl to ask him for one more favor. So I go, "Hey Gian, I know this is bordering on obsessive, but I just want you to sign my CD -- the CD itself." He was all, "Sure, sure" about it and he signed it out to me. Okay, so there's no personal message, but Gian shook my hand again (I don't know what's up with this guy and shaking hands, it's like he's running for office. I think if he gave a few more hugs, he'd make it to the top. Or at least to the top of my girly fangirl dreams, where he is already on top).

    Five paragraphs already? Carpal Tunnel, here we come.

  • Jan Nieto - You Are My Song 2
    Well, well, well Mr. Nieto. You really know when to pack the punch. This guy is such a robot, he knows just when to wire his circuits to make him come out on top. Tscha. If I wasn't "objective," I'd put you in number 6. Seriously. Okay, he's got "great" vocals. In fairness, he did floor us with his astounding rendition of Martin Nievera's "oh so difficult" song to sing, but really, shouldn't he be thanking Gian for this? He didn't even mention a little thanks or vote for my "friend Gian" who was nice enough to give me a song that would show off ALL my vocal prowess? Seriously. This evil brat decides to repay this wonderful gift of Gian by giving him Jay-R's Bakit Pa Ba.

    Now don't get me wrong, I heart this song and I though Gian did SO FREAKING AMAZING (see above), but hello? Are there NO OTHER SONGS FOR GIAN TO SING?!? I thought it was really thick of him to say that Gian always tried too hard on that "last note." Hello? YOU ARE ALWAYS TRYING TOO HARD (RICKY MARTIN IMPERSONATION ANYONE?!?) Yes, the 'stache works for me. In fact, in a moment of weakness, I actually thought you were pretty hot outside the theater when you signed my CD, but please, please lose your voice and drop out of the competition and go back to your Unilever pals (who seriously filled 3/4 of the theater -- where do they get their tickets? GOD KNOWS), because I know you're NEVER going to get KICKED OUT even if I swear to God that I will study my ass off when you get kicked out. As if.

  • Mau Marcelo - Mahal Naman Kita 1
    It's official. PEOPLE ARE DEAF. I don't know if I have utterly low standards or I'm just hearing impaired, because Mau Marcelo freaking delivered the goods and shook me to my bones. I don't even know this song too well and she made me want it sung at my wedding to Gian that will never come to fruition (I know this song has no connection to weddings, and is in fact a desperate plea for someone to love me, so really, it is my song for Gian. Eep). Mau is vocally the shit. She just brings the goods. I thought it was so feeling of Miguel too to say that she should stop working on her vocals and work on her figure (ay, Miguel's the total package nga pala -- according to him of course).

    Despite the "not her style song" she totally freaking pulled it off (in your face). I don't know why the judges are giving my top 3 (Gian, Pow and Mau) such a hard time. Do they want someone talented to win this thing? Though their comments don't really count for my Non-Top 3, my Top 3 still needs every single strand of praise they decide to toss their way (these are scarce and far too few too). Mau is the total package. Yes, she's not your waif-thin bimbette, but who wants that anyway? Doesn't her non-waif status make her more relatable? not only to "fatter" people, but to everyone -- that the music industry doesn't give a shit if you're fat or thin, as long as you're talented... Oh wait, that's Utopia. My bad.

  • Miguel Mendoza - Hanggang 6
    Miguel was actually good (vocally, as usual), but just like every other week, he bored me to tears. Pio and I contented ourselves with watching the crew beside us (as we were next to the TV sets). I was texting Micx, playing with my hair, but I was listening. Thing is, he's got a really good voice, he just doesn't make me want to watch him and though tonight was "radio night," you can't count on pure vocal prowess. Miguel has got to gain more stage presence and has to make me want to watch him. Of course, despite this, Miguel will be safe. What's new? His voting machinery is a well-oiled, well-funded machine. This big thing ain't going to falter now. We will see Miguel in the finals with Jan **gasp** Yes, that's how it will go.

    Before the show, Miguel is outside carrying his clothes and he obliges to my squeaky request for an autograph and a picture. I have to say, I've never felt so un-girly in my life. Miguel is so pretty (I don't mean this as an insult either). This guy is so good looking, I feel so ashamed to be a girl next to him. Still, his kiddy signature says it all -- this guy (who is younger than me) has made it this far and it doesn't matter what means he's done to stay, but he's obviously deserving. He seems like a good kid. Still, please God, by some miracle, please kick him out.

  • Ken Dingle - Everything I Do (I'll Do It For You) 5
    Kenny-Ken-Ken, this guy is so easy to hate and yet I actually feel a little sympathy for him today. Vocally, Ken was alright. He could have done better like in his 'Get Here' performance and he definitely has had more confidence in other songs, but tonight just wasn't his night. I feel awful for him though. I congratulate Mo Twister for being the most honest judge EVER, but having Ken hear that in front of the cameras was just, well, tough. I congratulate him for keeping his "emotionality" inside of him, restratining the paawa shedding of tears. Very very classy of him.

    This does not mean, I do not want him gone. I feel awful for him, but I think it's his time to go. We didn't see him after the show. In fact, if we didn't pass the side exit, we totally would have missed him. He looked really pitiful (and a sincere pitiful look at that) sitting with some guy on one of the chairs. So Pamy and I decided to be nice fangirls (in hopes that this good deed would translate to Gian not getting kicked out). We didn't lie though. we praised him for his Superb track on the album, and how it was on repeat at home (which is really true). I tried to cheer him up by saying that what Mo Twister did would only garner him more votes, which I really believe is true (and that makes me sad, believe me). I also told him that I felt it wasn't his time to go yet (which is true also, unfortunately). I hope we made him a little happier. Still, I'd be happiest, if he left. Pamy and I DO NOT need to see Mo Twister in a dress. Really.

  • Pow Chavez - Love Moves In Mysterious Ways 4
    Wow Pow. For one of her "worst performances," it was still amazing. Despite ranking her fourth, she is a far fourth to the fifth of Ken. Her voice was spectacular. If only I could make it a Top 4 and Bottom 2, I would, but alas, I cannot put her above my Gian/below the Jan. Nevertheless, despite Mamita's useless comments on her make-up (which I have to admit made her look really purty), she was really good. I love this song, and I thought she totally totally did it justice. Sure, it wasn't her best, but even her worst is LIGHTYEARS away from the worst's best.

    I had my CD signed and she asked if Pamy and I were sisters. Uy. One day, when I'm feeling gutsy, I'll tell her that if I ever go for the other team, I'd definitely consider her (ack, I can't believe I typed that). Pow DOES NOT deserve to go just yet. Seems like the Idol kick-outs are rooting for her too. Steph (the first kick out, remember her?) and Jeli were carrying her placard throughout the show. Go Pow.

    My Bottom Three
    1. Pow
    2. Ken
    3. Miguel

    Will Miguel leave? Of course not. Will Ken get kicked out? Hell no. It's Gian or Pow who are in deep deep shit and it stinks that it's the case. Gian NEEDS to stay AT LEAST ONE MORE WEEK. Next week, is Broadway Week. Sure, he may not be the best among next week, but at least he gets to be Theatrical without being told by Mr C that this is a pop contest. Gian is NOT the worst this week, far from it, and yet he's the one who's most likely to go. Pakshet. I don't know what I'll do if he's not safe. It's all up to the voters. I hope people voted wisely.

    Once again, without a ticket, Pamy, Pio and I went to MegaMall (armed with only our Philippine Idol CDs -- sans receipt at that) on a limb, hoping we'd get in. Thanks to Mr Archie, his wife Mayee and their son Miguel who took pity on the three of us and gave us THREE TICKETS. This family, who did not know us prior to our lining up behind them, took pity on these three desperate looking children WHO AREN'T EVEN RELATED TO ANYONE in the competition and were there due to sheer boredom and devotion to the overly addicting Idol Franchise.

    my non top 3

    Thanks to the bouncer who kept checking on us too. Sure, you wouldn't let us in without a freaking CD receipt (as if we stole it), but your constant checking up on us made me know that you really cared about us. Aww.

    Philippine Idol is consuming me. If only being a fan-girl were an occupation, I'd be a millionaire.

    Of course, there was a glimpse into my future tonight. In front of Pamy, sat Mr and Mrs Magdangal (how stalker-y of me that I know how they look). It was sweet how they kept waving at Gian throughout the show and Gian gave both his parents hugs after the show, while I was waiting for him to have "just one more picture with me." Ack, welcome to the family? Yuck, I'm so going to regret typing this. I can feel it.

    bye bye bye

    Oh, and we're officially on beso status/hug status with Reymond Sajor. Pamy is in heaven.

    My top 3
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