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Oops She Did it Again

After three long days of registration, I have finally made it to the finish line. Sure, my schedule sucks and my subjects are even crappier, but hey, at least I'm finally enrolled.

I don't want to delve into the negative details about my registration process because it just involves me lining up in long long lines for long long hours and not getting the subjects I want. Whee.

Anyway, because it's already November, Starbucks has once again hooked everyone on coffee. Thanks to their little promo for the 2007 planner, I am once again, hyping myself up on caffeine.

I'm not a usual coffee drinker, but thanks to the proximity of Starbucks and the lure of the stupid planner, I have started my expensive quest to have the said planner. Of course, things would be much easier when my coffee-addict of a brother, PB finally aces his O-Levels so he can come and fill up the stupid card for me.

However, I think I found a little incentive other than the actual planner. I'm not a regular coffee drinker, and I'm not one to hang out in Starbucks much, but I recently found out that the Starbucks nearest to my house has a pretty cute barista.

I went in yesterday to collect my card and there at the counter, is Clark, tall and geeky just the way I like it. I ordered the Toffee Nut Frappucino and he asked for my name (duh). Now my name has had so many spellings and deviations from the real thing (especially in coffee places) that I really don't care what they write. But this cute barista spelled it right without me spelling it out letter for letter. Squee.

Today, I went back to Starbucks for a "congratulations-Patty-for-finishing-registration-on-time-coffee" and of course (secretly hoping that Clark would still be there. Lucky for me, he was at the counter. I line up (feeling pretty in pink) and i give my order. This time a Toffee Nut Latte. I forget to mention I want it Iced. He gives me that killer smile and says, "I'm sorry what's your name again?"

It would have been better if he remembered my name, but I forgive him. How many people walk into Starbucks and why was I supposed to be any different, right? Still, the AGAIN he said meant that he remembered me from yesterday but didn't remember my name. Or so I choose to believe.

He offers for the drink to be decaf and non-fat (I'm supposed to be offended by this, but I'm not) and he totally makes up for it by asking if I wanted whipped cream (which I do). I of course babble on about how the non-fat and whipped cream really canceled each other out. He laughed (politely) and went off to make my coffee.

Unfortunately, there were no seats facing the counter, so I had to find myself a corner, which was fine. Midway into my drink, a female barista who gave me a free sample of coffee yesterday passed by me and on her way back, she stopped right in front of me and asked me if I had class. Now this barista looked really nice and non-freaky, so I took off my earphones and told her that I just finished enrolling myself. I asked her what her name was (Christine) and I introduced myself (not like the coffee with my name didn't already say it).

Then she asked me where I was enrolled, so I ask her too (Saint Pauls Manila) and I asked if she lived in the area because Commonwealth is kind of far from Saint Pauls and she said that this was the only Starbucks that was taking in trainees. Then she asked me how old I was and what my course was so I asked her back (She's 20, 4th year, HRIM student) politely.

She was really nice about it and said thanks right after, then I went back to my coffee. Now this is when my overactive mind goes crazy. Why on earth did she ask come over and ask me all of this. I came up with a few reasons.
  1. She's just a really friendly and curious barista
  2. She's a hired killer and I'm the target thus gathering information about me
  3. She's got a lesbian crush on me
  4. And my personal favorite reason, Clark (the cute barista, just in case you forgot) asked her to gather details about me. Now this could be the most far-fetched reason of all, but I'd like to believe this one for now as it makes me feel giddy and kilig although self-induced.
I guess collecting stickers for that silly planner will be so much easier now.

Photo taken from PopSugar
The pop star Britney Spears is divorcing her husband, dancer and aspiring rapper Kevin Federline, marking the end of the 24-year-old singer's second marriage. While her first lasted just 55 hours, her second endured for more than two years and produced two children.
-- The Guardian
Oh Britney, why did I see this one coming? It's sad (in a way), but I'm also glad for her, because obviously Kevin was just leeching on her and she finally came to her senses. I feel bad for their children though. What I'd love is for Britney to get back to her old looks and then get back together with Justin. As if.

And finally, everyone seems to be seeing Atom and telling me they see him with Patty Laurel. Anyway, I stumbled up this entry and surprisingly just like her title, I am kind of happy happy for them. Sure, the occasional pangs of jealousy do arise, but hey, all Pattys in the world deserve the best and surely, she got a great one.
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