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Norah Jones

The Class Act
Norah Jones is not my kind of gal. I have to admit that some of her songs on her first album, Come Away With Me were okay. My sister's into her and even she didn't like her second album too much. Basically, just like Chingy, she's not quite hot for me.

She just doesn't get to me like that. So instead of blabbing on about her, I'm going to save space and tell you that I really don't think she's all that. She's talented, and she made it to the age limit. Sure, she's got a lot of Grammy' and she has a new album out, but I think the only reason she's in the list is because they wanted to make it more diverse. That's why I'm not an editor at Teen People. They make the decision on who makes the cut, not me.

**out of a possible five
Tags: 25 hottest stars under 25, music
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