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Nothing I Could Do

Nuns aren't foreign to my family. My lola's sister is a nun while my dad's great-aunt is also a nun. When I was kid, nuns would always tease me that they had a room reserved for me in their monastery. This didn't really make me too happy.

I have nothing against nuns, in fact I really look up to them. I know I couldn't do a tenth of what they do and love it. I guess the praying spirit (24/7) just isn't in me. The vow of poverty would kill me. The vow of chastity -- moving on. I can't think well of others and it's just not in my system to be good and devoted to Jesus. okay, now I sound like the devil. Being a nun just isn't for everyone.

However, when my lola showed me their costume for their little presentation in December, I just couldn't help myself. I had to try it on. And lo and behold, I think brown really is my color.

I (the driver) take Pio (the valid one), mommy (the chaperon), Pietro (the one seeking quieter study areas) & Paola (the tag-along) to Mama Lily's house so that Pio can finally finish all those interviews he needs to do for class.

Again, it doesn't matter where you bring us, somehow, food always follows. We had pizza and mojos from Shakeys for lunch. Those mojos are just killer. Mama's house never runs out of Coca-Cola and icecream, so we're always in good hands over there.

Once we wipe out the food in one house, we move next door to Niq's abode so that we can raid their fridge too. This house is the house that junk food built. They NEVER run out of Coca-Cola (both regular and light) and there's always always always some sort of chips in the house. Of course, Tita Letty just had to order some barbecue for merienda so that totally prolonged our stay at their house.

With amazing food, amazing photos (courtesy of Niq), amazing entertainment (cable TV is enough for us -- we're so easy to please), and amazing company of course, this afternoon was definitely well spent.

The Nun

Then I remember that tomorrow is the start of registration and just thinking of the long lines and long hours of waiting for the administration to finally open up a Comm 140 or for the EVIL TRI-COLs to grant me with an MST, makes me want to sleep and wake up with subjects. Not a pretty thought. Really.
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