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Dessert Please

In the true rotter {to rot meaning: decomposition from too much staying at home; can be solved by a little trip to the mall. ex. I'm rotting, let's go out.} fashion, we decide to have dinner out in Makati since my parents have a dinner with their friends. We (the kids) were left with some money to have dinner wherever we pleased and maybe watch a movie too.

Before they leave us, we eat a little snack of French fries, mini-donuts, and some fried quail egg thingies. The activity center has to many food stalls that it's really very hard to resist anything there. Pio couldn't tell the difference between the vanilla and cinnamon flavored donuts, so he finished the wrong bag.

When Pamy finally got off work, we were already starving. And despite having so many restaurants in Glorietta, everything was full. We ended up eating in Hotshots, which was not bad at all, as I love their garlic cheeseburger.

Pietro ordered two of the Cheeseburger Deluxe, but when he was eating his second burger, he realized it wasn't what he had ordered and instead was the Glazed Onion one. Thank god Pietro isn't one to be fussy or complain -- I wasn't in the mood for confrontation. Besides, the onion burger costs more, so no harm done, really.

All the movies showing we're either R13 (Paola is only 11) or had already begun. That left us with not much of a choice, but to hang out in whichever bookstore would close the latest. That bookstore happened to be Powerbooks. I usually tell my brothers to just pick a corner, sit down and read a book. This is the usual protocol for us. Not in this branch. Apparently, in every corner, there's a little sign that says:


Are you serious? We're not ALLOWED to sit? It's not like we're going to obstruct the way? I know the passageways are a little tight, but there are some free areas where we could sit and yet they wouldn't let us. I tried not to mind the policy, but after hours of waiting, my feet and back were starting to ache.

I felt really bad for my siblings. These people don't usually go out of the house, and now that they do come along, they have to "suffer" because of this crazy rule.

Finally, after forever standing up, my parents finish their dinner and we are exhausted. It's almost midnight and our legs have given up on us. I don't know if standing around a bookstore for hours can burn the calories we had for dinner, but I think they did. We were hungry again (what's new?).

On the way home, my parents take pity on us and take us to the McDonalds in Eastwood for a little midnight snack. As if the pre-dinner snack and dinner weren't enough, we order McRice burgers, more fries, cheesecakes from McCafe. Food is definitely love.

midnight snack

And I wonder why I gain weight so easily? The word DIET doesn't seem to exist in our vocabulary, and that's understandable. I'm hoping I get to incorporate the word EXERCISE in my vocabulary soon, because it's very much needed at the rate we eat.
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