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Showdown: Senior vs. Newbie

This day had the most horrible start for me. See, there's this little girl in the school bus who happens to be a newbie. I, on the other hand, am a senior member of the school bus. I have been riding that damn thing forever. Ever since I was in Kinder 2, I was a loyal rider -- no yaya too! The thing is, there are unspoken laws there and one of them is to shut up when people are sleeping, especially in the morning when people do sleep.

Now, little miss newbie and her mom, just don't know that. I guess we have to verbalize these rules to them. Although, for a normal person, I think it would be plain common sense to know that people should keep quiet when others are resting after a long night of doing crap. And I'm quite fair. If they were speaking in hushed tones, I wouldn't have minded them talking at all. But no, these peeps have loud, obnoxious voices that really get me annoyed.

So, I sit there in agony, just waiting till I can finally get away from the both of them. Finally, the long journey is over and I have reached school. I can now walk on and live my own life in peace and quiet. I tell Meg all about how noisy newbie caused havoc the afternoon before, as my back aches from the pangs of pain the heavy backpack has done to my back and out of sheer hate and annoyance, and did I mention lack of sleep (?), my poor knees cave in and my arms go lax and I drop my lunch box.

Now that would have been peachy keen any other day. I've dropped that lunch box so many freaking times before and it's lasted the test of time. The thing is, this morning, the precious Gatorade bottle, I had been saving to drink in school for days since it had been purchased, was inside my lunch box. Before I know it, a pool of red liquid has flowed from my lunch box and is starting to follow the flow of the grooves on the gray cement. This would have been a nice picture to take -- The Murder of a Lunch Box -- but I wasn't thinking along these lines.

I was angry.

I was pissed.

And I just wanted my day to end.

Little miss newbie and dear mommy of hers were just there watching me, as if it was such a normal occurence to see a black lunch box drowning in a pool of energy drink with shards of glass coming through. I seriously wanted to give her a really dirty look and just curse to the high heavens, but thank goodness, I was still thinking rationally. I basically clean up the entire thing and it was such a blessing that Meg had a plastic bag with her (this is the second time a plastic bag has saved my life in the same month).

I end up in the Chapel's bathroom, scrubbing my lunch box with the handy sponge and Perla soap lying there. I look like the funniest thing on earth, washing everything. Tupperwares have saved my stuff too. I didn't see any red liquid seeping into my delicious lunch, but my recess wasn't spared. A part of the bread had turned red just like the party bread they serve at children's parties. I had to eat that right away before it turned into another life form.

Basically, I was angry and really annoyed that morning. I seriously couldn't handle another disaster or I would just snap. It was good I didn't have a gun with me or I would have gone on a shooting rampage starting with little miss newbie. Nevertheless, things started looking up for me. GorgeousHelen had finally lent me season 3 of Alias. Damn! I'm so ready to marathon with my brother this weekend if I'm not too busy with the Father's Day Festivities my cousins and I had planned for our dads or attending the uber cool Fete de la Musique at Eastwood. I am so psyched. But there's always time for Alias. Sark is someone I absolutely love and I just have to watch him.

Things got even better. On the way home, little miss newbie rode another bus. Ha! Vengeance is sweet. The senior gets her way and things are back to normal. I can breathe steadily now. I'm so happy it doesn't matter that my friends and I are drifting apart a lot earlier than I had anticipated, or that I have tons of work to do, or the fact that I've been cast aside once again. It doesn't matter, because I am okay now and that's saying a lot considering all the shit I went through this morning.
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