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This is Why Events Unnerve Me

I've done nothing but this sembreak.

Every year, we go to my lola's house (my mom's mom) for All Saints Day so we can all troop to my lolo's crypt to pay our respects. And since my family doesn't like to get into all the traffic going to my lolo's grave (my dad's dad) in Marikina, we go a few days later instead.

Julia came over too and things were much more fun when she was around. Of course her dad was exhausted trying to feed her and Tita Jeannie looked like she still hadn't recovered from their trick or treating the day before. Having a baby kid around is still so much more fun. Then again, I'm just a spectator.

From the moment we got into Mama Lily's house, we did nothing but eat. Shrimps, Bicol Express (which I didn't eat, cause it was spicy), tofu something, and smoked chicken for lunch. Ice cream, chips and salad for merienda. Tapa King take out for dinner. Lots and lots of soda in between. The eating just never stopped. I arrived that morning feeling normal, I left wanting to hurl.

By evening, I was going through Niq's many books and I saw that she had Marie Antoinette: A Journey. I know that Kirsten Dunst is starring in the movie, and even if I don't like her too much, I really wanted to watch the film. I started reading the book today, and it's creepy because apparently Marie Antoinette was born on November 2, while I started reading it November 2.

I know it probably doesn't make much sense to anyone else, but I thought it was kind of coincidental that I started the book the day she was born. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish it before her death (38 years later).

My sembreak is so near over it's not even funny. This was my shortester sembreak. I wish it would have been a little longer. I want to prolong having to enroll myself as I still lack Comm 140 and an MST. Whee.

Pictures taken by Niq Cid
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