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Pass the Analytical Knife

I guess we were never into trick or treating for Halloween. Or wearing costumes for that matter. So today, we spent the day at SM Mall of Asia. I happen to like this mall a lot because it's got so many shops. Too many in fact. We still haven't covered all the shops and it's already my third time there.

Thanks to the many food choices, we decided to eat at Tagaytay Highlands Steak House, and I realized what a great place that could be for a date (in the far-future when I do finally get asked out, that is). While chowing down on clam chowder and the Angus steak I shared my reasons for thinking that it's a great date spot.

Going on a date at the Tagaytay Highlands Steak House would mean:
  • My date is financially capable
    Let's just say that the menu had a quite a few zeros following each dish. If my date is so bold as to take me here, then it means he's got the cash to spend. Though I'd be willing to split the bill, knowing that my date can afford, isn't so bad at all.
  • My date is a carnivore
    I have nothing against vegetarians, in fact, I really admire them, but if I were to go out with someone, we'd need to have the same nutritional checklist. Pork? Check. Chicken? Check. Beef? Check. I just can't see myself sitting across someone who ate greens all the time, I'd feel really guilty.
  • My date can cook
    The 30 oz steak we ordered (which is good for four -- and yes, we were four), was set in front of us (pre-cooked) and we were tasked to "cook" the steak to our preferred degree of cooking (rare, medium rare, overdone). I'm not good with these things, so having someone who can fry a little and tell when the steak is medium rare already would come in handy.
  • My date has manners
    There was all sorts of cutlery on the table (small forks, large forks, small spoons, big spoons) so if my date knew which ones to use for which part of the meal, then at least I know he's got some sort of breeding that didn't require me to tutor him (as if I knew).
  • My date likes Lurpak butter
    I love Lurpak butter. Unfortunately, we weren't served any. Instead, we were served Anchor New Zealand butter. I have nothing against the latter, but if I see that my date were a little disappointed with the choice, then I would know that he too prefers Lurpak butter.
  • My date has aesthetic value
    The restaurant was done in pine wood and had antlers hanging from the ceilings as chandeliers. It also had stuffed deer's head mounted on the wall. If I see my date uncomfortable with the way the place was done, then I know that one day, if we end up decorating our house, there would be no animal body parts in the house.
  • My date has good taste in music
    Unfortunately, I heard some country music being played. If I find my date bobbing his head to the music, then I am in big trouble, because I just cannot stand country music and if he's so into the sounds of the restaurant, then sorry but dinner will have to end right away.

I could list a thousand other reasons why the restaurant is such a great place to go on a date -- other than the obvious fact that their food is spectacular -- but I'm just too sleepy and full right now.

I'd love to go back to the restaurant when I'm not too full beforehand. In the end, it doesn't really matter where I'm taken, as long as I have fun. I'm not just saying this either. Of course, being asked out would be more than enough for me.
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