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Sleep Over Hang Over

I've never been a huge fan of sleepovers. I love the comforts of my own house. My own bed, my own bathroom, my own everything. Plus, I'm not a very good packer. I always end up packing too much or too little.

However, when Iza invited me and my highschool barkada for an overnight in her unit in Alabang, I was raring to go. Iza's unit is in the same vicinity as Alabang Town Center and Festival Mall. It's got a gorgeous swimming pool that no one uses and the unit is airconditioned.

I hadn't seen my high school friends in quite some time so I was really excited to see them. We weren't exactly the typical high school barkada that went out every weekend or watched movies in Galleria all the time. Our activities were limited to recess and lunch, the occasional batch party and or course requisite birthday celebrations.

That's why going out now that we're not in high school is still a little weird, but we're getting better at it.

sleep over with actual sleep
Pictures taken by Lee-Ann Caro

From Hannah's fortune telling with playing cards, to Lee-Ann's Mula Sa Puso reenactment, to Iza 's uber-interesting video presentations, I can't wait to see them again.

Now to find free time when we're all available.
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