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Philippine Idol: Top 9 (Pinoy Rock Night) LIVE

What a night.

Watching it LIVE was something else. So we didnt pay attention much to the performances (thanks to Reymond in the front row and Gian sulking in the sidelines), but it was just something else. I didnt even think we'd get in. Thanks to the unnamed ABC 5 employee who took pity on me and Reymond's first whore and gave us TWO tickets to get in, and to the other unnamed ABC 5 employee who got us in the back door because the guards didnt want to let us in.

Sure, we were standing the entire time, but our spot was perfect. We could see Reymond in the front row next to Drae and the other kickout, and we also had a perfect view of hot hot hot Gian looking all somber. Upper left of the Apple supporters and disguised among the red-clad Pow Chavez fans, we looked like the rest of them. But we weren't. We weren't related to anyone and we didnt line up for hours to get tickets. We got in by sheer luck and miracle.

I'm so going back in the next few weeks.

  • Gian Magdangal - Pare Ko 4
    So we missed his performance. Believe me, I was so annoyed. But as Pamy and I were waiting and begging the guards to let us in, Gian walks out and he gives his after performance interview. He is tall and hot and good looking and did I mention hot? Anyway, watching him during the show, he looked so sad and disappointed with what the judges had to say. But when we watched his performance online, he wasnt even HALF BAD. The Dinglehopper stank waaaaaay more than he did. In fact, I liked his rendition of Pare Ko. Sure, it didn't showcase much of his vocal power, but when did he ever anyway? His performance was really good -- less theatrical, more popster. I so hope he doesnt get kicked out.

    After the show, when I got the courage to interrupt him while signing autographs, he was game for a picture with me **fangirlsquee** I almost died. He smells good. I almost died. I didnt get to speak to him as long as we did with Reymond (more later), but he was so cute **fangirlsquee** and so tall. Ack. He told me, "please vote" complete with puppy dog eyes, I swear I wanted to jump him. I wanted to just grab him and throw him down. But I felt bad for him, so as horrible as this sounds, for the FIRST TIME, I voted (using my precious credits). How can I freaking resist him?

  • Apple Chiu - Huwag na Huwag Mong Sasabihin 7
    Live, she didnt do much for me. Watching it online, it wasnt a lot either. Then again, I dont like this song -- at all. Whenever I'd hear it on the radio, I'd switch right away. And she didnt do much to change my mind. The thing is, I like Apple. I know she can do so much more. She blew me away before, I know she can do it again. But tonight, it wasn't much. Not at all.

  • Miguel Mendoza - Harana 6
    Miguel is a cutie. If I were back in high school and I met him at a soiree, I would probably crush on him. Unfortunately, this ain't no soiree. This is a competition. Vocally, he sounded good (like he always does), but his performance was just flat and blah. I could see the effort of trying to be more entertaining, but it just doesn't work for me. However, Miguel has consistently ranked as the "best of the worst" in our personal ranking system. Not bad.

    It's funny cause after the show, we kept passing by him and I didnt once ask for a picture with him. I'm so mean. he had a lot of kiddies surrounding him though. Maybe next time if I'm feeling more fan-girly. Maybe.

  • Jan Nieto - Tuloy Pa Rin 5
    There's that silent contestant who you dont notice much because he's not the best and he's not the worst and then he ends up in the top 3, Jan could be that guy. His performance live was good. Pamy says he's like the older version of Miguel. I think this guy could do better with stage presence, but his voice is good. Thing is, its the whole package that counts. He was pretty good though. I'm not going to hate.

  • Jeli Mateo - Paglisan 8
    Since Pamy and I were standing in the sidelines, I had my eyes on the side of the stage, hoping Gian would look at us -- he didnt. However, before Jeli went up on stage, she kind of glanced at us, so I gave my biggest smile and a thumbs up sign. I was suprised that she smiled back. She was soooo sweet. In fairness. However, her performance wasnt as stellar as her smile. She got a great song and I feel like she didnt do it justice. I agree with Mr C when he says she is the weakest among the girls. Props to her looking really good though (I had to make a Mamita comment).

  • Mau Marcelo - So Slow 2
    WOW. For the first time that night, Pamy and I were blown away. Live, it was spectacular. somehow, when we watched it online, it didnt translate as much. Vocally, Mau was amazing. She did Freestlye's song justice. She really listened to Jinky when she was told to make it her own. I'm not a huge fan of this song, but she made me want to download it. Seriously. Mau is so back and she definitely rocked tonight. It was FAN-TAB-U-LOUS!

  • Ken Dingle - Ligaya 9
    Ken-Ken Dinglehopper deserved everything Mr C told him. Live, I felt bad for him with the comments, but thinking of it, he so deserved it. He messed up lyrics, wasn't in tune for quite a bit. Did I mention he messed up the lyrics? I guess I should forgive him for that, I'll blame it on nerves, but the rest of the performance wasn't spectacular enough to overlook that mistake. Ken-Ken deserves to be kicked out. Of course, it wont be him, because he has somehow hypnotized people to vote for him. If Gian goes instead of him, I am going to hunt Ken-Ken down and stab him with a dinglehopper.

  • Arms Cruz - Makita Kang Muli 3
    Homaygawd. I'm no Arms fan. I usually think she's a little over the top, but tonight she was amazing. Live, she floored me. I have to say that the Panday song is my guilty pleasure so I was secretly pleased that she sang it. But she sang it well. Online, it doesnt look or sound as well, but live it was just wow. She looked really good too. Compared to last weeks horrific outfit, this week she looked classy. And she kept looking at Drae in the audience. Still, Arms proved why she's in the top 9. That was NOT kick out worthy.

  • Pow Chavez - Forevermore 1
    Pow is WOW. She has just got it going on. I happen to love this song and she totally did it justice. I dont care what Mamita says that she's flat and sharp and whatever, because I agree with guest judge Wency Cornejo when he said that she made his hair rise. Her stage presence was just so UN-BEREFT of feeling. She totally felt the song. I was on the brink of tears. It was just wow. I even found myself cheering really loudly afterwards.

    After the show, before running up the stage, we see Pow taking pictures with fans. I just go ahead and say, "excuse me, can i have a picture?" and she was all nice about it. She is so nice and sweet. I'll throw in a few votes her way because she might be in danger too.

    My Bottom Three
    1. Apple
    2. Jeli
    3. Ken

    If the pattern (Drae being last -- got the boot, then Reymond being first -- got the boot) is real, then Pow will get the boot, or it could be Gian (he's the first). Either way, I know that my personal bottom three will all be, unfortunately, SAFE. No matter what Mr C says, the voters have already made up their minds. Gian, Pow, Arms, and Mau do not deserve to go. The suspense is killing me.

    First off, I can't even believe we got in. If it werent for those sweet ABC 5 employees who got us in, Pamy and I would have been chomping away at the Megastrip with everyone else. Getting in was already HUGE for me. I dont care if we're standing up or hanging onto the rigs in the set, I was just glad to be there. The set is surprisingly small. Just like the ASAP set and other noontime shows, its actually really tiny.

    Pamy and I couldnt pay much attention to the contestants because we were too busy drooling over Reymond and Gian. Gian looked so sad the entire time and Reymond was always bobbing his head and singing along. According to the ticket, no cameras are allowed. So being nice rule abiding folk, Pamy and I didnt take any pictures. After the show though, everyone was taking out their cameras, so Pamy and I took really bad blurry shots of Reymond on stage.

    Then I saw people going on the stage, so I ran, dragging Pamy along. Boy was that worth it. First I took my picture with Pow, then we go and ambush Reymond. Right before us, he was hugging Jeli's brother (so sweet), so I politely ask if we could have a picture. The moment he pays attention to us, I turn all fan-girly and speak in my squeakiest fan-girl voice.

    Suddenly, its all vocal-diarrhea. I'm just talking and talking and talking. I out Pamy and myself as huge fans who just got in by chance and how we voted for him and were so sad that he's gone blah blah blah. It's all a blur now. However, it was nice talking to him (for probably a good 5 minutes) because he was really nice and sweet and he seemed like he was really paying attention. I guess that's what's good with the Idols now. They're in limbo. They're not quite celebrities yet, but they're not normal folk anymore.

    Reymond hugged us like three times and we even group hugged. Pamy must have died and gone to heaven at least ten times during those five minutes. With Pamy's high over, I needed to get my hands on Gian. I would not let him pass. He was signing autographs, but he was really nice about the picture. I didnt get to talk to him much because the speakers were saying that everyone should leave the theater already. I swear I almost peed in my pants because I still hadnt taken my picture with him. He looked so kawawa and sad, asking us to vote. Of course I voted. I just couldnt resist.

    Finally, we found Drae onstage and by then, I was so good at making singit my way to get to the stage. Drae is again, a really nice guy. He agreed for pictures and even asked us who were supporting. he thought we were related to an Idol contestant and was surprised to know we weren't related by blood to anyone and that we were just there because we were fangirls. That must've scared him a bit. Nevertheless, he was really nice. When we told him that we voted for him and then Reymond and they both got kicked out, he told us not to vote for Arms cause she might get kicked out. I really think they've got a thing going on.

    All in all, it was a crazy night. Fun and unforgettable. Now we wait. It better not be Gian who gets the boot or that Dinglehopper will feel a Dinglehopper pierce through him. Grr.

    its a miracle
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