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I'm Still Standing Here

Last night, my org "ended" the semester by going all the way to Joma's house in Cubao for a sem-ender. I drove myself to Cubao (not knowing where exactly I was going), but thanks to the City Atlas and a little courage, I found Joma's sprawling mansion on Boston street.

The theory that my orgmates aren't night-people was once again proven. I doubt we could form a quorum, but I guess its not the number that matters. Thanks to the SET folk who made the sem-ender possible. I never knew there were so many Pinoy personalities that started with the letter M.

mco sem ender

I'm going to miss the first semester, especially since I had subjects this semester. After the second round of CRS, I still have no majors. Whee.
Tags: college sophomore, transportation, up mco
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