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The Way I Wish You Would

I'm so tired.

I woke up early this morning to submit our BC 100 final project. After which I rushed to Quiapo with Tita Lilet so I could get a new pair of glasses made. Quiapo really does have it all. There was an entire street devoted to optical shops. I have never seen so many pairs of eyeglasses in my life.

After hours of choosing, I finally landed with a simple and not so expensive pair. While waiting for them to get made, Tita and I ran some errands and of course, I couldnt leave Quiapo without picking out some DVDs. I got the box sets of Princess Hours and My Girl (a longer entry shall be devoted to my newfound, though late, love for Lee Dong Wook. Though I've watched them on the compressed versions, nothing beats seeing pretty boxes of DVDs of all my Koreanovelas.

It pisses me off that I wasnt able to attend mass with Kimbe for her birthday, but I guess better late than pregnant never. I bough Kimbe my requisite balloons although they werent in pink. I really wanted to get her pink balloons but the balloon store I usually buy from was closed. Boo.

Still, I was glad i got to spend her birthday dinner with her. Finally, she's as old as me now. Still more gorgeous though.

happy 19th birthday kimbe

happy 19th birthday Kimbe!!!
I hope you had a fabulous day
Thanks for being a wonderful friend
Take care always ♥

as off 8.30 am this morning
I am officially on sembreak

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