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The S Word

I cant believe this, but I'm actually feeling a little sick. I've prided myself in not being absent ever since grade 5. I havent gotten fever or whatever either in years. Last night, my throat was hurting a little. This morning, I woke up with a full blown sore throat (and I havent even been shouting at all). Not good.

Last Friday, I didnt have any class, but my online soul sister, celeni invited me and Bikoy for "coffee" that afternoon. Who am I to say no to great company and free drinks on the side? So right before I head to Iza's hush hush birthday, I drop by Seattles Best in Katipunan for some lovely strawberry milkshake and a lot of talking.

camwhores unite

Afterwards, I drove all the way to Malabon for Iza's 19th birthday. It was a little scary, because I've never driven there alone and at night, but it was fun nevertheless. When Iza says they're not preparing anything, expect something. There was amazing food (prawns are ♥), the company was even better (mini-high school reunion), and just seeing Iza was fantabulous.

Iza looked super duper fabulous in her black Zara dress that definitely showed off her assets. I felt so under-dressed (as usual). I guess our interpretations of smart casual are very very different. Still, it was great to catch up and see high school friends again.

iza's hush hush birthday

belated happy 19th birthday Iza!!!
I hope you had a fabulous birthday!
Because I had a ball at your party.
Take care always!
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