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Can I Go Now?

Tools of Terror
  • Geog 1 Report
  • Comm 3 Interview
  • Comm 3 Speech
  • EEE 10 Project
  • EEE 10 Finals
  • BC 100 Final Production
  • PE Inter Class
  • MP 115 Comfort Women story
  • MP 115 Class Portfolio
  • Comm 100 Final Paper
  • Comm 100 Finals
When all that is crossed out, all I have to do is wait for my grades. That'll be another thing to wait for. But for now, if I see this all done, I'll be happy. Hard to believe, but I'm more afraid for my MP 115 class because our professor is known to give students a grade of INCOMPLETE, something I wish NEVER to receive.

Last Wednesday, I attended my PE class's culmination of sorts. We had an interclass game. There were around 7-8 games and I joined FIVE of them. Not because I wanted to, but because no one else wanted to join. I was so dead tired when I got home.

There were three teams. We were up against the other normal class and the PE Majors class. When the PE Majors class (Blue Team) walked into the gym, I already felt the pressure. These people scared the shit out of me. They're tall and buff and they looked confident.

Needless to say, our team finished last place. It was disheartening, especially since our professor wasn't there. Still, we had fun. Go GREEN TEAM!!! Despite being third, I'm happy. I think its because we got MEDALS!!! Now, I have TWO medals. One for winning a computer contest back in GRADE 3 and this one.

Yesterday was a crazy day. I didnt sleep because I had to make our Geog 1 group's video presentation on the migration of nurses abroad, which I aptly named Flight of the Nurses/Plight of the Nurses. I hadn't edited a video since 4th year with Gela (our lovely El Fili video), so I was a little scared.

Other than that, I had to prepare for my FINAL speech in Comm 3. I hate public speaking. And I really had to make this one good, because I am FLUNKING (seriously) Comm 3. All I had to do was introduce our "keynote speaker," aka as Roa acting as Miss Universe. Needless to say, thanks to Geog 1, I didnt prepare much.

I'm supposed to meet up with Paola, my lovely LCD-owning friend, so I can rent one for Geog 1. We were supposed to meet at 8am, but things got moved and I eventually see her at 9.30. During that hour and a half wait, I am dying with nervousness and anxiety. What if she never comes? My Geog prof will kill me for saying we'd provide our own LCD (because he really didnt want to bring one) and my group will flunk. And then there was Comm 3: I hadnt prepared much and I really needed to make it good. I just wanted that day to end.

On top of that, I was already in my Comm 3 clothes (business looking clothes) and I was sweating like crazy. Why did I wear it right away? Because I didnt have time to change in between class. Finally, I dragged myself to Geog 1, carrying the HUGE laptop on one shoulder, the HUGE LCD projector on my other shoulder, and the SPEAKERS in my arms. Of course, my car keys were in my hands and my wallet and cellphone on my other hand.

Geog 1 went well. Our prof liked our presentation. We ended up NOT using the LCD I rented because my prof brought his LCD. He should have told me beforehand. Before I shelled out a cool P1000.00 for it. Seriously.

Then came Comm 3. My speech went by like that. I had my stupidly uselss speech plan/outline with me, but I ended up NOT using it. I think our professor liked it because she was smiling, but then again, she's ALWAYS smiling.

After our whirlwind of speeches, we had our little buffet care of our group. I brought lovely desserts thanks to my Mommy (who didnt sleep either baking for me). I think her pastries were a bigger hit than my mediocre speech as everyone praised it. I made sure our prof knew I brought those goodies, in desperate hope she'd bring up my grade due to my mother's genius.

Then I return to CMC to return the LCD projector. At this point, my feet are bloody thanks to my killer heels. To think they're not even high. In fact, they're barely an inch. But my feet are NOT used to anything other than sneakers. Thank goodness for the slippers I brought. Despite my bloody heels, I have to say I looked pretty damn sharp while giving my speech.

After EEE 10, where my grandpa-like prof gave us an extension for our project, I had no more energy to see anyone or hang out anywhere, so I drove home, fell asleep and woke up this morning.

I can't wait till sembreak. Oh yeah, what sembreak?

bye bye bye Comm 3
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