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After The Storm

My long weekend was un-productive and it made me not want to go back to school even more. I thought that since my parents were in Singapore, I'd be able to hang loose. I was so wrong.

The day they were supposed to leave, Milenyo hits Manila and their flight gets cancelled. They finally leave on Friday morning and Pio gets sick. Having a sibling sick when your parents aren't around is NOT fun. I was worried because his fever would come and go -- I thought it might be dengue. Thank goodness his blood test came out fine.

My Comm 100 exam on Saturday was cancelled (thank god). Its not that I didnt study, I just knew I wouldnt do as well as if I had "more time." I'm such a horrible student.

Unlike me, my brother, PB/Lex graduated second in his class. I'm so proud of him. He totally made my weekend. Even if I wasnt with him at his graduation, I feel just as proud. Way to go.

Coming back to class today was weird. I only had one class, Geog 1 and we apparently were expected to report already. I had assumed that since we missed class last Thursday, we would pick up where we left. I was wrong. Thank goodness the LCD didnt arrive, because our video still isnt done. I'm no editing expert, but I guess my amateur skills will have to do.

This week is bound to be crappy. I can feel it.
Tags: college sophomore, parents, siblings, weather and calamities
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