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To Sir with Frustration

I ended up enlisting for Sociology. Spanish was competing with it and I'm not sure why Sociology won. For one thing, I felt so rushed while enlisting, but who am I to complain? I'm a mere student. I pity Hannah though. She was given false hope of getting into Basic Accounting when in fact, she had been cut off. That's just not right. Sure, go ahead and rush the student while she makes an important decision, even if she was supposed to think about it at home, but don't tell someone they got into something that had already reached its quota.

That's not right.

I slept again, obviously and now, I have to do my work. The funny thing is, I was supposed to have been woken up by my aunt, but that didn't happen. In fact, I just woke up all of a sudden. My dream wasn't half done, and no one was making any noise. I just popped up in bed. The gods love me alright. Still, there's not much to be done, but I was hoping I could read on some stuff. Yeah right. I promised myself I'd be a better student this year and I really hope that I can be more diligent.

I'm reading the first reading during my last first community mass on Monday. Did that make sense? We usually have one every year at the beginning of the school year and since now, I'm a senior, this is going to be my last year attending these things before I turn into an atheist. The university I'm pining for, doesn't have religion in the course outline, so I'll be faithless for that time being.

Nah, it's not like I won't be going to mass and all that jazz. It's just a running joke that the university turns everyone into atheists and activists, when in fact, they really make up a very small portion of the academic community. It's funny how a small part represents the bigger part of the set.
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