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Gone Fishing

I havent seen my high school friends in ages. It's weird because I used to see them everyday (no fail) for IW, recess, lunch, dismissal, in between classes and anytime I chose. Now, if I want to see them, I'll actually have to set up something just to see each other.

We weren't complete yesterday, but seeing them was just as fun. We went to Shangri-la and we were supposed to have our nails done at Nail Spa, but there wasn't any slot available till 8pm, so we opted not to. Instead, we ended up in Fish and Co. I'd never eaten there, but their fish and chips were really good. other than the fact that they were a tad too cheesey for me, it was yummy.

It was also nice to catch up with them. Even if we get to chat on Y!Messenger on some days, talking in person still beats chatting. I hope I see them more often.

fish and co-ing

Every Saturday, Rina, Ana and I adhere to a certain theme when we we dress up. We've already dressed up as Ana and Anna, so this week we decided to dress up as me. I love how near they got to my actual clothes. I'm so predictable. Click on the cut to see
dress up like me

Another week of lovely work. I can't wait.
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