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Gone Going Gone

I don't have class today, but I had to get some readings and give Kimbe her CD so I ended up going to school. I usually pass University Avenue, but today I decided to take Tandang Sora. I know its always traffic in Tandang Sora, but I thought today would be different. I was so wrong. Traffic backed up all the way to Commonwealth Avenue and my usual ten minute drive to school turned into nearly 45 minutes. Seriously. Some things never change.

Con and I went to Latasia Fusion for lunch. I'm not a big fan of vegetables, but this restaurant has somewhat changed my view. I'm still a carnivore, but the occasional semi-healthy meal never hurt.


EDIT (7:48pm): I just realized how sick my hand looks in the picture. Even after trying to tweak the coloring, it still looks oddly pale and scary. I must learn how to colorize pictures better, to make me look more alive. And yes, I am alive and very well.
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