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Missed by a Second

I missed the org pictorial today. Not because I woke up late -- in fact, I was there on time. It was because I had to attend an incentive project for Comm 3 which I am failing. (Seriously, I dont know how I'm going to pass Speech class in Filipino)

It sucks because I get back to Quezon Hall just right after my org finishes getting their picture taken. And apparently, while waiting for the late photographer, everyone else camwhored. Though not an official camwhore, it would have been fun to spend some time with my orgmates (cause I so dont get enough time with them -- yeah right). I'm so malas.

yearbook pictorial
the Jollibee picture was taken from Ruth Miguel's Multiply.

When I got home, my mom tells me they're going to Pampanga to visit my 101 year old great grand-aunt who's very sick. Since I wasnt planning on working anyway, I decided to come along. Lola Madre is a Carmelite Nun who's been Mother Superior of the Baguio chapter (i'm not sure what its called). Though we weren't very close, it was sad to see her in pain. They're trying to make her feel as comfortable as possible.

Finally, I'd hate to see this one end so soon. If Jessica and Nick couldnt make it, I dont think this one will either. I also can't believe Aaron Carter is younger than me.

Aaron Carter popped the question to Playboy Playmate and former Miss Teen USA 2003 Kari Ann Peniche in Las Vegas over the weekend. According to People magazine, Carter, 18, did the deed onstage in front of 200 people during the Playboy Hollywood Comedy Tour at the Palms Casino Resort on Saturday night. "I'm very excited about it," Peniche, 22, told the magazine. "Aaron is the most genuine person I know. He's kind, loving, and I love him so much." Peniche was stripped of her Miss Teen title after posing for Playboy. Carter will next appear on the E! reality show "House of Carters," which premieres next month.
-- taken from MTV News
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