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Teriyaki-d Out

The day started out with me not sleeping. I crammed my MP 115 dula. Not good. Thus, I knew my monologue would be fried at the critique this afternoon. Still, hearing "constructive criticism" about my work, still stung somehow. I deserve the criticism.

Nevertheless, lunching with Rina, attending the MCO GA, seeing Celeni for a bit under the skywalk, having my daily dose of Con and eating at Teriyaki Boy made things so much better.

my tuesday

While eating at Teriyaki Boy, I realized that Flau has incredibly sexy shoulders. So its hot collarbones + sexy shoulders for me. How do I do this?

I also realized that I still suck at parking. I couldn't get the car into the really narrow slot. I'm getting paranoid about hitting anything now. Still, a little Japanese food goes a long way. I ♥ Katsudons. I can probably survive on Japanese food for the rest of my life.
Tags: college friends, college sophomore, food, izzle love, up mco
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