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Thats All

Despite having only a 1 and 1.5 day weekend, I managed to cram A TON of things in it. No wonder I was dead tired when I got home Sunday evening. I literally collapsed onto the couch and woke up the next morning, having done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for school, without a voice, and with oily hair.

This is a sign of a great week to come.
I attended Micah's 18th Birthday at Circles in Makati Shangri-la. Circles is one of the best buffets ever in Manila, so it was definitely an enjoyable evening. Of course, the fact that I was with orgmates, who were all so fun, made things 100x better.

And Joma and I were in matching colors. I think the color was mint green but then again, my color chart is just way off. Jerick kept insisting that he matched with both me and Joma, but I'd like to think light blue is quite far from mint green. Then again, I may be color blind.

micah's 18th

Despite getting in at 2 am, I manage to wake up for the 8am mass, as I need to head to UP to meet up with Christer and Ely before heading to Araneta for the Cheerdance Competition. Since I knew I was going with the two of them, I knew I was in good hands because I wasn't going to be bored, and I was going to feel safe.

Araneta was packed. And each school had enough people to start a war. I have to admit that almost all the schools really impressed me with their routines. Seeing how other schools had really improved and how others just kept getting better was wonderful.

Still, it was different cheering for the UP PEP Squad. Other than the fact that I've HS classmates on the team, I guess rooting for your school is different. I found myself yelling at the top of my lungs everytime the crowd would stand up to cheer. In the end, it sucked that we didnt win, but I was happy because I know the team gave it their best.

uaap cheerdance
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