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And the work keeps coming.

Before anything else...

happy 23rd birthday sassy_semplang!!!
though we havent seen each other in forever
i know you'll brew up a crazy birthday storm
you deserve every bit of happiness

Today, I had yet another Comm 3 exam. This is not my favorite subject. Other than having it in Filipino, which I struggle with, its also a speech class, which I loathe; so I really lose both ways. The test wasn't so bad, I just dont want to see the results.

Geog 1 and EEE 10 have so far been normally uneventful, which is great for me. I'm so lazy to do school work, its crazy. I must get that Freshman year drive I used to have. Where is it? I seriously do not know.

I noticed that EVERYONE IS SICK!!! Flu, colds, cough, low white blood cells, dengue, and just about any other sickness I can think of, I've seen in classmates. I dont know if I'm supposed to blame it on the weather or whatever, but people are so sick. Of course, me and my unbreakable curse has kept me going.


I finally get my picture with celeni today and I wasnt feeling my prettiest today. She had to look uber cute too. The pink outfit was so Harajuku Girls. I wish my hair looked like it did on Tuesday every single day. That would be great. Alas, the pony tail has come to my rescue.

And here's why I've been so fixated with Joma these past few days. During the induction, we had a tiny conversation that totally changed my life.
Me: *shocked that Joma is cleaning up after everyone* Joma! Naglilinis ka nananaman (You're cleaning again!)
Joma: smiles at me and goes back to sweeping the floor
Me: That's it, I'm so marrying you now.
Joma: *in his most nonchalant voice* Pero hindi ako marunong magluto (I dont know how to cook)
Me: *swoons* Okay lang, magpapadeliver na lang tayo (That's okay, we'll have it delivered) *swoons*

I have to say that I've never seen a guy clean up after himself, and moreover clean up after others. These guys are so rare. These are the ones I'd want to marry, in the crazy event that I do decide to enslave myself to someone for the rest of my life. Joma is love ♥ talaga.

one week
Who knew the Ilang Parking lot could be so memorable? Thank you so much for a fabulous week of cheering me up, hugs and lots of love. The chocolate was the bonus. This has been a crazy week, but I wouldnt trade it for anything else Con is ♥ ♥ ♥
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