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For the first time ever, I became a "talent" for Christer's BC 121 class. I dont really consider myself much of a talent, as I only show up in the music video for the last 10 seconds of Accidentally In Love. Seriously. Bikoy (the talent ng bayan) made his weekly visit to the class as the lead.

Despite my short appearance, I have to admit I was super nervous. I just felt like I would be so unnatural in front of the camera and I would be shy. Yes, I am shy. Thus, I salute all those extras in music videos. You guys make it look so natural. I felt so weird. I am so not meant to be an actress. Goodbye Hollywood.

This little exposure also made me a little excited/nervous for BC 121. I know I have to go through radio productions first, but this class looks like fun/scary. Must pass BC 100 first.

tuesday duo
here I am with Rina after my 10 seconds of fame
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