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Selfish Me

The application process for the first semester is almost over. Its finally settling in that we're not going to be the newbies anymore. Its selfish of me, but I like being the newbies. I like being the youngest. I liked feeling special.

By the end of this week, I'll most probably have new orgmates and though I'm open to change, the selfish part of me is still wanting to be the new batch.

birds eye view

It was raining hard that Friday afternoon and still I finally get to eat at the famed Coffee Way. The food was pretty good. It took forever, but I guess waiting with friends made time fly by. The lighting in the place was perfect. If only I was feeling a little more photogenic that day.

I have a hard time listening to the radio on Fridays because its not the usual programming, but it was nice to hear some old songs that made me sing out loud (which only provoked the rain some more). It was a good Friday.

rainy friday
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