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Jake Gyllenhaal

The New Action Hero
Warning: As much as I'd love to be objective, it is quite obvious that I am very very very much biased towards Jake. Still, I will try my best to keep this as true as possible. The fact is, of cousre, that he definitely deserves to be in this little list -- the bright spot in the entire bunch, actually. What can I say? My journal obviously says it all for me. I think he's the hottest of them all.

Sure, he's got the looks, but this guy's got talent too. Before he went mainstream with The Day After Tomorrow, this dude was raking in rave reviews for his critically acclaimed roles in indie films such as October Sky, where he played Homer Hickam, a coal miner's son who was inspired by the first Sputnik launch to take up rocketry against his father's wishes; in Donnie Darko, as Highschooler Donnie who is plagued by visions of a giant evil rabbit who orders him to commit acts of violence and predicts the impending end of the world; and in The Good Girl, as Tom Worther, the oddball discount-store stock boy who thinks he's Holden Caulfield and strikes up an affair with Jennifer Aniston. This guy has got the goods to prove he's not just some one hit wonder.

Sure, he's with Kirsten Dunst now, but his adorable look has got me going. If it were some other lesser mortal, I would probably have dropped the thought of them due to their girlfriend situation, but he's different. He almost nabbed the role of Christian in Moulin Rouge, but lost it due to age. He also was set to play Spiderman in the second film when Tobey Maguire was about to drop out due to health reasons, but was once again shunned aside when Tobey was back to good. That didn't put him down and he didn't give up. Instead, he opted for offbeat roles that guys his age usually don't go for.

All in all, this guy has the looks, the talent and the right attitude to make it in Hollywood. With the way things are looking, this guy is going places and I surely wouldn't mind, if he took me along for the ride.

**out of a possible five
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