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You Can Buy Your Hair If It Wont Grow

You know those days when you're not exactly feeling you're prettiest??? Yesterday was one of those days. I was feeling crappy because:
  1. I was sleepless -- finishing my BC100 paper
  2. I felt so fat -- I did nothing but eat that weekend
  3. I was in my rattiest clothes -- I was too tired to pretty-fy myself that morning
And obviously thanks to Murphy's Law, I just had to realize how much prettier everyone was that day. I know I can look better if I want to. This is not a self-esteem thing. Its just that its funny, that the day I feel like shit, everyone else looks so damn beautiful. Rar.

Plus, my hair is at its longest in a looong time. Its already at my shoulders which is like an epic length for me. Seriously. I was supposed to get my hair cut this weekend, but obviously all I did was eat, so that didnt happen. Also, I feel like it'll be such a waste to cut my hair because:
  1. the haircut I had in february was really expensive (though I didnt pay for it)
  2. my hair is actually okay when I fix it up
  3. it takes forever to grow my hair
  4. I feel like a girl
Then again, long hair is so time-consuming (even if I dont really pay much attention to it) as proven by:
  1. my having to tie it up because its so messy
  2. longer time in the shower
  3. longer time drying it
  4. my having to actually COMB it
I havent completely made up my mind, but after reading and this (thanks to outof_focus, its kind of pushing me in the cut-your-hair direction. This is even more stressing than the fact that Comm 100 report is on Saturday and my group has done NOTHING. And this isnt my usual (nothing meaning 95% is done), this is really nothing=zero. I hate not being in control.

Poll #804356 To Cut or not to Cut

Should Patty chop of her hair?


stalk friends

Rina Araneta, I had fun yesterday. Who knew we could accomplish "so much" in an hour and a half. If only my Comm 100 group was as productive. I really wish you, me and Ana were groupmates. Of course it wouldnt hurt to have Anna in our group.

And this is something the oh so wise Rina told me over YM.

Ever heard a heart breaking?
You can't.
That's how it happens.
It breaks quickly but quietly
And that's what's hard

Pakshyet, its so true.
I hate feeling this way

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