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I've been "busy" these past few weeks thanks to midterms and partially just being lazy that i really hadn't "chronicled my life" as others have said. Bringing the camera to school everday is such a waste if I'm not going to post them anyway.

And Multiply is being such a bitch to me now. It takes FOREVER (71 minutes) to upload as compared to my usual normal (13 minutes) time. I hope it changes soon.

I became an extra on an upperclassman's production. We were standing in front of CMC at the Katipunan jeepney stop and bam! a jeep stops and asks us if we want to become extras. The camwhore in all of us of course said yes and eight of my orgmates piled into the jeep to take part in this crazy adventure.

I of course learned that it wouldnt just take one shot. It took lots of shots and lots of waiting. Sometimes I wonder if I'm really in the right course.



After my last class, I head back to the tambayan and find out that I am not the only one craving for icecream. For some reason, I've been longing to taste something creamy and Bev, Kimbe and Flau are also looking for some sweetness.

We end up in McDonalds (to Flau's dismay) and none of us order icecream. I guess were really really hungry. I was broke by the time we finished so I didnt have enough money for a sundae.


Since my parents picked me up so we could do some groceries, I decide to take the opportunity to buy a sundae. But I was wrong. EVER GOTESCO Commonwealth is so useless. The McDonalds in that mall HAS NO ICECREAM MACHINE. Seriously. As I was about to settle for Jollibee, I find out that the Jollibee has run out of cones! Gack. So is my luck.


Of course, this deserves an entry of its own, but I shall do that later on. I feel like the luckiest girl on earth. Monday I had no idea I was going to watch INXS, and Tuesday, I end up in the backstage, hyperventillating in front of JD Fortune as he tells me, "hey Babe" and actually swooning when Kirk Pengilly nicknamed me Giggles.

INXS baby!

I didnt think my luck could get any better. That's when I end up at the front row, with JDs sweat dripping onto us. Seriously. I had no voice after that night. But so what?


I woke up late Wednesday and almost didnt make it to the app's batch project. Luckily, I did manage to pull myself out of bed and headed to school. It was nice to see Ma'am Salanga again. Pan Pil 17 was always a fun subject.

after batch pres


It was ACLE day and my org's ACLE was about the GMA I-witness Documentary on the Lukayo. I was seriously starstruck when the documentary's host/creator, Howie Severino showed up along with National Artist for Dance, Ramon Obusan. It was a really good symposium and props to RATT for pulling it off. Great job!

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