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The beginnig of the end

Today, was my first day back at school as a senior and I must say that it was pretty cool. We're the oldest in the entire school and we have a say on everything. In fact, I actually felt at ease walking the halls looking proud because finally, no one's above us! We are the rulers of the school!

Not that I have any plans of abusing it, because I'm just not the type, but it's an eerie feeling, knowing that I've been through every grade level possible in my school. Now, when I look at the younger batches, I can say I've been there and done that. I'm that old! Well, not exactly old, but for school standards, I'm way up there -- an upperclassman.

Our classroom is pretty big. It's at the farthest end of the highest floor and hopefully, we'll burn everything we eat during breaktime by just going up the stairs and dragging our feet to our classroom. It's so far! I can't believe were there in that little corner. We're so far from the rest of civilization. We could start a party and they would be too far to hear it.

I felt pretty fine too in my brand spanking new uniform (thanks momma! you rock!). I felt better wearing it and it felt good to have such great fitting uniforms. It definitely boosted my self esteem, as shallow as that sounds, but I knew that I was looking great. Clothing does do a lot to someone's ego, despite it being a uniform.

Our teachers are a different story. I don't want to judge them yet, as it is only the first day, but I guess I was just expecting too much. Well, why can't I? We're the seniors. We're supposed to have the best of the best. How am I supposed to pass Trigonometry and Calculus if the instructor can't even get me interested in it? It just doesn't fit.

It's back to normal though, friends-ise. Things are just like it was when I left it, and that doesn't mean it's for the better. I'm not complaining, as my friends are the best, but there really can't be much room for improvement, when we've been with each other for so long and our attitudes just aren't going to snap back to perfection. Oh well, I promised myself I wouldn't stress over them too much, so I won't. I can't handle that.

So now, instead of doing what I'm supposed to, I am doing something I'm not supposed to. Great. What a beautiful beginning for me.
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