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Beyoncé Knowles

The Superstar
Beyoncé, can you handle this? She surely can. This superstar has spawned a best selling album and a movie career on the side, and all of this she has done so bootyliciously. She has managed to maintain a relationship with Jay-Z and has yet to have a single that'll flop -- I highly doubt that. She has blurred the lines between popstar and r&b songstress. Her moves and grooves have sent many girls wanting a booty as huge as hers and she ain't no nasty girl. She respects herself and hasn't resorted to trashiness and dirty publicity just to add hype to her album. If you're talking about the full package, Beyoncé's got it all.

She's scored the Grammy, the MTV Video Music Award and practically everything else there is to win. She's got the voice, the face, and all that extra talent to boast about and yet, she remains one of the most private artists there are out there. Refusing to talk about her love life, she remains calm and cool when grilled about it -- just proving that her music is all she needs to sell.

What more could she ask for? She's too hot to handle! And that's the way she likes it.

**out of a possible five
Tags: 25 hottest stars under 25, music
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