October 23rd, 2017

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I Want It That Way

So. I went to a Backstreet Boys concert last Saturday. And my voice has not return since. It was a glorious time. And obviously, after a concert, one goes into a YouTube spiral. I was messaging mellowdee because I could not contain the feelings I had inside of me.

It's funny because way back when, I liked the Backstreet Boys before I devoted a good chuck of my teenage years to *N Sync. But thanks to Justin Timberlake (and I support his career completely), I will probably never see that group together again. Meanwhile, the Backstreet Boys have been so constant.

I saw them five years ago with NKOTB when they visited Manila, and though everyone's clearly aged and had kids (not me, the boys), it was still a joy to sing my lungs out. 

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