September 9th, 2017

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Currently: August 2017

Well, this month was a surprise. 

Both good and bad and everything in between but over-all, we're creeping towards the end of quarter 3 and before you know it, it's Christmas (when I say Christmas, I refer to the extended Filipino Christmas season that starts September 1, "ber months").

If you asked me at the beginning of the month whether I would predict how August would end, I wouldn't say this way but I suppose things happen for a reason. I'm trying to now take a meh attitude to things. I think I clearly care too much and think too much and just invest too much.

I know they say you only have to get things right once, and clearly, I haven't gotten it right just yet. I'm both jaded and hopeful and still confused as to how I want to move forward. So instead, goodbye, August. Hello, September. 

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It still shocks me how long I've been on LJ (2004 feels very very very very far away at this point) and also how much can happen between entries (I literally looked back on the previous currently and oh the optimism!). But I digress, catch me up on what I've missed?