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Bye Bye Bye

Last day of the summer. This is the point of no return. After this day, I shall be a zombie, drifting lifelessly through the halls of school with nothing in mind, but the thought of the summer. I will be mournful and a carbon copy of everyone else. Brainwashed to think that school is good for you and that we are better off there than slumming around anyway.

But who am I to dwell on the negative when my summer has been such a great one? I am the living testament, that you don't need to get out the city to enjoy your summer to the fullest (maybe not to the fullest, but pretty great too). It's a shame that I wasn't able to go anywhere outside NCR, but that's okay, because my summer was great. And here are a few things that made it so great:
  1. Newfound Independence
    Due to the fact, that my sister and I had been orphaned, we had to everything by ourselves. We paid the bills, enrolled the kids, bought the food, and anything else you could think off. The great thing was, we didn't have to ask permission to do anything. We could leave when we wanted and come home if we had plans to. It was definitely something I'll miss.
  2. Review Class at Ahead
    I didn't think I'd have that much fun at a review class. Despite the fact that I was the only one from my school, I met so many new people and formed so many friendships. It was truly something I won't forget. Socializing is a good thing and expanding your social circle is even greater.
  3. Scoring Premiere Night Tickets for Free
    Thanks to my beautiful Tita Letty and sexy friend, Hannah, I was able to watch some great films before they even opened. Of course, the company you bring along adds a lot to the experience. Scalping for tickets is always a crazy thing to do and hanging out with your long lost barkada is always great.
  4. Movie Marathons/CSI Marathons at Niko's place
    I didn't think I could sit through 9 hours of the Lord of the Rings extended versions 1 and 2, but it figures, I could. Pigging out in front of a widescreen view projected onto a wall is definitely a plus. The orcs have never been so scary and the Ring Wraiths were just too cool, but Frodo and Sam have never looked so gay too. Staying up till 2 in the morning watching Grisom solve the oddest of crimes is always something to look forward too. Next time this happens, I'm definitely in.
  5. Watching DVDs all day long with no interruptions
    Since we were abandoned by our family, we had everything to ourselves including the DVD player. We could watch all the films we wanted without having to fight for the remote and having our films criticized. The peace and quiet of the house was definitely something I will miss.
  6. Chilling with my cousins
    I never thought bumming around would be soooooooo good. Just sitting down and talking is good enough for me and I had the best time hanging out with my cousins and siblings. I will definitely miss this, when everyone has school and is too tired to even talk to each other.
  7. Getting unlimited internet connection
    As shallow as this one sounds, I just love the fact that I don't have to buy internet cards anymore, because I can get online whenever I want. On my terms. I will never get disconnected again. I can search for anything and everything I want. Next time, world domination!
  8. Crocheting my Harry Potter scarf
    Sure, there's a new scarf in the third movie, but the thing is, I have done my very own scarf, and I'm proud of it. My fingers hurt for days, but it was worth it, as it is even taller than me. I am truly in the Gryffindor house now. Next stop, knitting! I can do this!!!
  9. Finding a new crush
    Sure, it lasted for 17 days, but it was one of the nicest 17 days ever. He came at the right time and he served his purpose. I felt really giddy and happy during those few days, and I surely won't trade them for anything else. Haay... those were the days.

There's so much more to my summer, but this will have to do for now. I have to get back to my school stuff. I am not even half prepared for tomorrow. Not that there's much to do, but I still like knowing that I'm not going to school naked -- I won't for sure, my mom's made me my uniforms -- and unprepared.

Farewell summer! Updating this will be very difficult during the school year, but I will try my best. If not, then tough luck for me! I had a great summer. It's one of the last ones I'll have. College=summer school.
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