April 30th, 2015

jake; orange sky

Best of: April 2015

Quarter 2 started with a bang for me, starting work and moving out of my sibling's place and coming back in from Bangkok. At the same time was incredibly slow but also fast. I kept thinking, it's only still April? But then also realising, holy moly it's already April. And though I'm still getting used to everything, I'm also incredibly excited about everything.

The commute to and from work has been a dream and if only for that, I feel like I can do anything. I'm still trying to grasp everything and trying to learn as quickly as I can but all in all, I'm still on a high on the novelty of it all (the job, living alone, living in Singapore) so I hope this feeling lasts. Collapse )

I'm also a little more caught-up with TV now (thank you for the long weekend) and I'm thinking of dropping some shows as well. I just did let go of Revenge and now it's being cancelled so perhaps it's time to purge a bit more on the usual shows. Plus, I've been bingeing on old TV shows on Netflix, but I'm still watching a couple. Collapse )