December 26th, 2014

taylor; good girl faith

Best of: December 2014

Happy Holidays to all of you lovely LJ friends I've had. I hope your holidays are a wonderful time with family and friends. I realise that as I get older, the holidays aren't all as cracked up as they used to be. Not that I don't enjoy the 'break' and time with the family but it does have it's crazy moments.

This year, though had it's weird moments. One of our dogs, Kenji, died on Christmas morning (like at 1am) and it was really sad. Our help are closer to our dogs (i'm allergic among other things) and so it wasn't like i'm extremely close to them, but the fact that Kenji died on Christmas really hit me hard. I wasn't even in the mood to open presents -- and I still haven't.

We buried him when we all woke up on Christmas day and it was my first time to shovel a grave. It wasn't even deep, but the 2 feet I helped with left my body sore and really just tired. So I slept Christmas day away in between eating and watching The Interview -- which was pretty damn awesome.

I'm okay now. I feel better. But it really makes me think about loss and grieving on the supposed happiest day of the year (i'm selfish though, I think my birthday is the happiest day). And so with that, I hope your days were better. It wasn't a bad Christmas, I had my family around (mostly) and I have my friends and I know I have you guys. But it was weird, for sure. Collapse )

And there goes December. In less than a week, it'll be the new year and I have to work on the year-ender without the aid of Photoshop. I will prevail. I hope you're all enjoying the rest of your holidays.