November 18th, 2014

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I wish you were right here, right now, it's all good, I wish you would

+ I'm really proud of how I cleaned my room. I know it's something that should be done anyway but after five years of working (read: no summers to clean), I finally got to sit down and clean out my room. And despite the fact that I still have half of the smallest room in the house (I share with my little sister), I still have a shit ton of things. Like five years' worth of stuff.

It feels really good to live in a clean room. I can actually sit at my desk. I can actually open my desk and find clothes that aren't crumpled. I can go through my desk without having to unearth so much junk. It feels great. There won't be any before photos. It' too embarrassing. Collapse )

+ In other news, my Kindle is dying. I refuse to write that it's dead (even if it probably is) because I don't want to believe it just yet. I really want it to live. My dad's offered me his Kindle which he rarely uses now but I don't want to let go of Kindle. I realised how 'naked' I feel without my books. While cleaning out my room, I gave away some of my books and all of the stuff I want to read next are on my Kindle.

I know they're all on my cloud and I can download the Kindle app on my tablet or on my phone or on my laptop but it's so different to read it on the Kindle. I can't believe I'm missing it already. I really hope it just needs to rest and can be revived. Can we all cross our fingers please?

+ I'm going back to work for a week next week and I'm a little nervous but also glad to be turning over formally to someone. I left the office with an okay turnover but it was temporary as there wasn't someone hired yet for the position. So I hope next week goes by well enough. I really hope the new girl will enjoy the work as much as I did.

+ And for TV talk, because this entry is all over the place anyway, I am so in love with Jane the Virgin. Like crazy in love. I was totally resisting the show because we all know what happens when I fall in love with a CW show (Emily Owens MD) -- it gets cancelled. But I'm taking a chance and so far, really really loving it. Can anyone point me towards LJ icons??? Collapse )

+ The Japan photos will come out eventually. I know I should write about it before I forget it all but the perfectionist in me just anal about getting all the photos right and honestly, I don't know where to start. I'll get to it, I promise catteo

+ Finally, I did a HOLIDAY CARD post and if you'd like one, please hop on over there to sign up. I'll be sending the cards by this Friday so I hope you can reply before then. HOW IS EVERYONE WHO'S LEFT???