July 28th, 2014

jake; orange sky

I'm not a very good secret keeper

keeping my dad's surprise 60th birthday (which he asked for) from him was terribly difficult. But we did it. After a crazy week of looking for a venue and food and inviting people and making sure that everyone kept it a secret, and making a video and a program and renting out stuff, having a cake done, it finally happened.

And the best part is my dad is so dense that he really didn't see it coming. He walks into the dark restaurant and goes, "why is it so dark?" and the look on his face was priceless. I'm glad we fulfilled his wish of getting a surprise birthday even if it was so incredibly stressful.

I'm glad my mom isn't into these things (though now my dad wants to throw her one), but this is definitely something I think I can do again in the near future. I don't have photos with me right now, so perhaps i'll update this post when I do. Still, I'm really happy we pulled it off. Thanks to everyone was sent me good cheers and helped out.
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