March 6th, 2014

jake; orange sky

#TotesAmaze Batanes

For someone that would love to travel the world some day, I haven't been to many places in the Philippines and its 7107 islands. Lucky for me, my sister and my cousin invited me to come along to their trip to Batanes -- one of the most northern islands of the Philippines. And boy, I did not regret it one bit.

The mountains and the sea converge here and it's really just one big windows desktop default wallpaper come to life complete with pretty picturesque views no matter where you look. Plus, there's no signal and no wifi and just a really great way to disconnect from everything.

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And though I was skeptical at first to come along, the four days away from any form of technology was fantastic. Plus, I met awesome new friends (of my cousin's) and they were all incredibly nice to me and so fun to be around. I'm so excited to go back there one day with friends. For the food, the views and just the break from the city. It really is #totesamaze.