February 10th, 2014

anne; mega watt smile

Shitting Bricks, Twenty-Six

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“Twenty-six has been quite the year. Not all of it good, but not quite terrible. I tried to be as positive as I could this year. And though, at times, I'm sure positivity didn't prevail, in the end, it all turned out the way it was supposed to be.

I had some firsts this year. I went on my first date -- i know, at 26. I said goodbye to another sibling who went abroad and that leaves three siblings back home. I got closer to new family members -- like my new cousin, a little more. Say hello to my niece, too. Having friends get married, having friends give birth. [our dogs are barking]

And though it feels like every year, is another year that I'm older, it's also another year to cherish. And I want to thank you all for making 2013, my 26th year, quite the rad one. Here's to my 27th year. Here's to more travel, fun, fulfilment, and peace and happiness. [more dogs barking]

Thanks everyone! Happy birthday to me!”

Transcribed by: woodycakes