June 22nd, 2013

jake; so serious

I've Been Duped!!!

I've been seeing a lot of Orphan Black on my friends list lately (I'm looking at you, catteo!!!) and though I've been taking a break from watching too much TV, I just couldn't resist the premise of this. Given that I only had ten episodes to catch up on, and seeing this adorable video of Tatiana Maslany winning a Critics Choice award and I knew I had to watch it.

So what did I do last weekend? Let's just say, I spent the entire Sunday in bed, with my little sister, glued to my iPad. This was a marathon to beat all marathons. Collapse )

So yes, I'm obviously obsessed and can't wait for season 2. I'm so glad I got caught up in this and have all the time to do rewatches and marathons and obsess with everyone else. Who else is watching?! Am I the only one dying now? What tumblr accounts have the best graphics?! Who writes the best Paul/Sarah fanfic?! AND WHERE THE HELL CAN I FIND PRETTY ICONS?!?