June 28th, 2012

andrew; spidey man

Movie Raving: The Amazing Spider-Man

Hey, Spidey [Metacritic]
Ever since I heard of the reboot they'd be doing starring not just the adorkable Andrew Garfield but awesome personified, Emma Stone, I was excited for the movie. Sure, I enjoyed the first trilogy and how Spiderman was unlike other superheros with his lack of actual powers but it was Emma! and Andrew! and I didn't need any more convincing this was going to be a good thing.

And still, there was a bit of a scare right there. Sure Nolan successfully did a 180 for the Batman franchise, but that was just way too serious. Could Marc Webb spin his own story with this? Yes, I'm sure that pun was used so many times during their press tour. I'm just glad I've finally seen it. I really thought I'd be the last to go. Collapse )

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