June 10th, 2012

gong; hipsterrific

I'll do anything for you, anything to be in your arms again; Don't let this be the end

Taking my heart with you[23 Down/29 To Go!]
[+] One of our BIIIIIG projects is sort of winding down this week and it's been a source of quasi-stress for a number of reasons so I'm glad that we're going to be able to say goodbye to it soon (hopefully). It was nice that one of the people we worked with too sent us a snack! It was really sweet of her and she didn't have to, but it definitely was a nice surprise. Slow claps for her.

[+] In my quest to be more sociable, I attended my first quiz night with the Candy girls and though we didn't win first place (we came in second to another team made up of our officemates too!), we did sweep the Harry Potter round. I totally feel challenged to brush up on random knowledge. That first place prize will be ours, Team Candy!!!

[+] And though I'm not yet in that age where ALL my friends are getting married, I am at the age, where SOME of my friends are getting engaged and married. So I was able to tag along to Abbey's pre-nuptial photo shoot in not-so-cold Tagaytay. Tiring day was tiring, but totally fun. Here's to the formal engagement!Collapse )