June 8th, 2012

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On Repeat: Hangin' Tough on the Right Stuff

Yes, this had to be done. Somehow, I'm still not over that life-changing concert, I almost didn't attend. And I'm so glad that I did with jamypye and our lifelong yaya, Ate Letlet, because I am still reliving that freaking night over and over in my head.

You have no idea how many videos I've watched and songs I've listened to. I think my Last.fm can vouch for how obsessed I still am. Deep inside, there is always a fangirl lurking and waiting to be unleashed. And yes, I'm a year late to this phenomena, but I'm glad I got on the boat (or preferably their cruise).

So let me list the highlights of that night for me. It was hard to narrow it down. Crazy times, I tell you. Collapse )

Even More Music On Repeat:
Going to the Edge of Glory
The Return of Pop