May 29th, 2012

emma; only girl in the world

I can move fast, I can move slow; I can go places nobody else goes

The bigger, the better[20 Down/32 To Go!]
[+] You know how they keep saying health is wealth and I totally take it for granted because I don't ever get sick? Well, I'm sort of really glad I'm a healthy kid just because seeing friends confined in the hospital (not in grave danger anymore, but still) makes me really happy I haven't had to experience that. Let's stay healthy, everyone???

[+] I had to attend a pretty big work event/party and though I'm not really working with the brand directly, it was nice to be there for such a milestone event. And yeah, we did have to get all dolled up (and I had to dig out my dress from graduation, three years ago) but it was fun. Even if we had to wake up for work the next day (not so fun).

[+] Though things are less crazy (or I'm just more used to it?) than they were back in March. May had been a pretty fun, hectic month too what with work and other things going on. I'm not really feeling the summer (laziness) except for the summer heat. So if only for the heat to go away, I'd wish summer be over soon. Or that's just the girl without a vacation talking. Collapse )