May 22nd, 2012

emma; only girl in the world

We try to be cool as we dance in a crowded room; At the end of the day, makin' love to a paper moon

Boys do fall in love[19 Down/33 To Go!]
[+] This week was all about eating out with friends and spending money on cab rides. Basically an equation for non-saving. Which isn't the best news considering I'm supposed to be tightening the proverbial belt. I'm so bad at this. Perhaps next week we can ease myself back into mass transportation. Yeah, right.

[+] I realize now in hindsight, this week was the calm before the storm. With a huge project being poised to launch, I was surprisingly chill about everything. Little did I know of the clusterfuck I'd be walking into in week 20. But hey, let's not preempt ourselves. Things in hindsight are always a little clearer.

[+] And yes, I'm late to this, but hey, it never hurt to do a meme when one is in need of a picker-upper.


Here's to a good rest of May for everyone. The days are just ticking by really fast. Collapse )