April 15th, 2012

emma; only girl in the world

I know I laughed when you left but now I know I only hurt myself; Bring your sweet loving home to me

Bring it to me[15 Down/37 To Go!]
[-] As if the last week didn't have me saying goodbye to officemates, this week marked even more departures. This really feels like the mass exodus from my first job. The only difference is, I'm not one of those leaving. Instead I'm sticking around. It's sadder when you're left behind, that's for sure. How many more of this before we finish the second quarter of the year, I wonder.

[+] In other happier news, I was pretty productive on the socialization front this week. I got to see high school and college friends (and some work friends?) all in the span of one afternoon at Rockwell. I think I'll need to schedule more of these catch-up sessions with these girls. They were long overdue. The best part? For the first time, I wasn't just a listener -- I actually had something to share.

[+] jamypye was back in town (AGAIN) and she's making it very difficult to miss her, which I love. Though I didn't quite feel her presence (I didn't know she was coming, so I made plans), it was just fun to have her around. Not that we wouldn't see each other next week. Collapse )