March 19th, 2012

prince harry; crowned prince

Don't apologize for all the tears you've cried; You've been way too strong now for all your life

you pull me closer[11 Down/41 To Go!]
[+] Hectic week was hectic. Not just work-wise but non-work related too. Not that I'm totally averse to anything that isn't part of my usual routine (I am, actually), but this week was full of things that aren't on the usual menu. I should be thankful for the activity, and I am. I'm just exhausted.

[+] This week, we also had the rare unsupervised days. And though I'd like to think we behaved ourselves, it's always a welcome idea to be a free-er sometimes. What we do with that freedom? Lots of things. I'm glad it happens everyone once in a while. If it happened more, I sense anarchy will ensue.

[+] And because my weekends are usually reserved for lazing around, it was a surprise that I actually really enjoyed being out and about. Though of course, I want next week to be less busy, this one wasn't such a bad alternative after all. Hey, friends! I'm getting out of the house for you.

[+] The bangs need to be trimmed already. How fast does that part of my hair grow?! I want the rest to grow this fast too. Long hair, why so difficult? Collapse )