March 3rd, 2012

emma; only girl in the world

TV Time: Goodbye To the Friendly 'Pan Am' Skies

I get it didn't get the best ratings and probably cost a fortune to produce but I'm still not over the fact that Pan Am is practically but unofficially cancelled. And it ended so abruptly too. They could have done so much more and yet thanks to ABC doing it again, we have to say goodbye to a really enjoyable show. Sure, Mad Men is just around the corner, but this one was just fluffy fun. Oh well, it was good while it lasted. Cheers, 1964! Collapse )

Even More TV Time - Pan Am:
01x13: Romance Languages
01x12: New Fronteirs
emma; only girl in the world

All that matters in the world; All the boys, all the girls, all the madness that occurs

To set me free[8 Down/44 To Go!]
[+] This week was one of highs and lows (as always) but I'm trying my best to get over the lows faster rather than dwelling on them, like I used to. I guess I really just need to learn from the lows, and let them go. I cant't be carrying it all on my back forever. Or at least, I shouldn't.

[+] And thanks so much to the lovely mellowdee for the awesome birthday card. It's always nice to receive post and to be remembered on your birthday. Plus, it's just totally adorable. Thanks so much!

[-] I'm still a week or so behind on all things LJ but I'm positive I'll be able to catch up. I was looking through the flist and I feel ashamed to be totally behind on your entries, so that will take up my Saturday night. I promise I'll get around to everyone. Thanks for being so forgiving of my total laziness.

[+] I hope the week has been good to you guys. 2012 is moving so fast so let's make the most of it, yes? Collapse )