February 7th, 2012

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TV Time: Saying Goodbye To Chuck Makes Me Cry

[Chuck Media]
I didn't realize the last two episodes of Chuck would be shown back-to-back so I was caught unaware that there wouldn't be anything else after last week and now, we have zero Chuck and Sarah and Casey and Morgan to look forward to. And though it had a good run, there are still shows out there running for god knows how many seasons and this one had to say bye-bye. Oh Chuck, farewell. Collapse )

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05x11: Chuck Versus the Bullet Train
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redmayne; the driver

Why so tough? You see me running, but you can't keep up; So let me slow down for you, baby what?

I'm Gonna Get My[5 Down/47 To Go!]
[+] Hello February. My favorite month of the year has started and seeing how fast January went, this month will surely be even faster given we've only got 29 days to it. I'm going to try and enjoy every single one of these days just because February comes but once a year and I think I better live this one up.

[-] I need to take more photos. I just realized that I don't even have enough decent photos to choose from for my weekly recaps. This must be rectified. There is a reason my phone is also a camera. Busy-ness cannot be an excuse. It is for the gym, but for picture taking? Never.

[+] I realize there's a lot to do with bangs. And though I'm not styling master, there are ways to make me look less-Dora the Explorer, more decent grown-up with a job. If Rooney can do it, I shall try. Let's have fun with the bangs instead of trying to turn back time to before I idiotically asked the stylist to cut it. Here's to a fun week for everyone. It's going to be a great week. Repeat 10x. Collapse )