February 4th, 2012

emma; only girl in the world

If It Were Right In Front Of Me, Would I Know?

Where to begin? It's February (how fast that first month flew) and though one of my (not-so) secret goals this year is to be a little more flirty (thus, #landian2012), the past thirty days have me somewhat in the same place I was last year, except a little more open(?) than before. Though I'm nowhere near the 'dating' sphere, for a 24-year old who's never been anything-ed, I'd say I'm pretty good where I am. Collapse )
emma; only girl in the world

Glossy Groupie: Rachel Is Totally Loveable

Glamorous [Rachel McAdams Online]
I've gotten more of a hang of the collage thing and though these took some time, it wasn't as tedious as last month's craziness. And this month, we get some lovely covers from some awesome folks -- case in point: Rachel McAdams. With The Vow getting a release in time for V-Day this month, we get her all pinked up on the cover of Glamour and glamour, she does so well.

Also, with The Hunger Games coming out next month, it's no surprise we're getting magazine covers already. I'm hoping for more fashion covers for Jennifer Lawrence but I won't say no to this one. The new trailer has been making me very very excited. I know I'm not the only one. Countdown, please? Collapse )

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